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Selenium Webdriver Test Suite

May 24, 2014

Last year I learned Selenium Webdriver to use with Visual Studio. I am now preparing to convert  a test suite I wrote into SpecFlow so have been spending a bit of time reading an thinking about that. I found that writing tests was the best way to learning how to avoid brittle tests and certain types of bugs (hardly unusual).

Specflow development is actually on hold as they write their commercial version.

‘ we were busy with creating the concept of SpecFlow+ (, that is on one hand a great set of extensions to SpecFlow, but on the other hand it is a way to ensure its further growth and sustainability. 
So we decided to hold back the changes on the core product and focus a bit on the other parts.-Gáspár Nagy ‘




Weekly goal

May 20, 2014

I am going to post each week in order to improve my communication skills.

I was looking through anagram algorithms in Ruby today. Which lead me to reading about Knuths solution

‘Knuth: create a key for each word, where the key is that word’s
letters in sorted order. For example, the key for both \beast” and \abets” is \abest”. All words
that share the same key belong to the same anagram set.’

The book ‘Art of Computer Programming, Volume 4, Fascicle 4,The: Generating All Trees’, covers all kinds of interesting maths history.