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Busy day

November 30, 2006

Tonight I’m going to the ‘The George’ Hotels opening in Limerick. Lots of business people will be there so I hoping I meet some interesting people who at some time will have intersting work for me.

It makes my day very busy though as I have something on afterwards and work before. I’ll have about half an hour to change when I get in the door and then I’m walking to the hotel with t, who’s my guest for the evening.

I hope it’s not very dressy as I have nothing really dressy. I dont read Get rich slowly for no reason. I’m hoping smart casual will do. At times like this though I really regreat never making getting business cards done a priority.


Class 8 of japanese last night

November 29, 2006

Last nights japanese class was very interesting. We had a talk on nihon history for the second half of the class. The first half dealt with verbs and sentences. We learn how to say lets go/do.

The weirdest bit we heard was of the ear mound made from ears brought back from korea near a temple in japan. Apparently they took heads in japan, like they did in ireland a lot earlier, but heads are a bit big to bring back by sea, so they went with ears. Weird.

How to structure large css files

November 29, 2006

Friendly bits tell use how to structure large css files.

Everyone that has built a bigger site has had to deal with the mess CSS so easily become. There are ids and classes all over the place, and to find where a certain class is defined you usually need to use some search feature in your editor. Matching the other way, from the CSS to the HTML is even harder; you don’t even know what file a certain class is defined in. It’s a mess.

The Tree method tries to structure the CSS into logical blocks; blocks taken from the HTML.

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Fast iteration approach

November 28, 2006

Anne2.0 pointed towards this great article on the fast interation approach here with netflix as an example.

Every 2 weeks they make significant changes. They understand that some of the changes will work, but most won’t.

I like this approach. The article points out it good and bad points though, so you can decide tacticly if it suits.

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Accessibility and dyslexia

November 27, 2006

Handy tips for helping people with dyslexia use your site or blog easier.

Short paragraphs like this is one of the tips, but a lot of the rules are easy ideas.

Accessibility and dyslexia

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Microformats primer

November 27, 2006

Handy, from dzone I point to a microformats primer.

I heard about microformats I think from james at eirepreneur.

They are rather useful. I especially point to the calander microformat at Check it out.

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Club websites, a webdesigners giftbag?

November 27, 2006

Idle thought,

Products use celebrity gift bags to get noticed, we do the same when we do a cheap/no cost charity or community club website. We want to be noticed and get more work. So we work for a good cause. Selfish or what?

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November 23, 2006

I said already I’m travelling to france next month. This will be my very first trip by airplane and my first trip outside the country. I’m a bit nervous. I don’t know if I like flying. I never really saw planes very much till I came down to here. They were just long thin lines of cloud in the sky in mayo. T said I don’t really believe they exist. They do have a feeling of unreality to me, as Its one thing seeing something on tv. Its another thing seeing it in real life.

For the first time I’m going to get to travel in one. I remember my first trip by train to dublin. We were taking a trip with my mother, aunt and granny to go see the zoo. I think this trip will feel like that. Something completely new. We are travelling by ryanair, then a bus to paris, then the metro. My first underground train service! Sooo cool.

I hope my school french does me ok. To be honest I think I’m planned well enough, I shouldn’t need it much besides asking prices and ordering food.

I wonder how different it will be in a foreign country. The people all speaking french and dressing french. 

Well done john!

November 23, 2006

My good friend John Ryan just sold his first blog. Well done John, your great at this and a very talented person. Yah John. Next time your down in limerick we should bring you out somewhere!

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Wet wedensday

November 16, 2006

Thanks for the lift a cara!
otherwise I would be walking through this rain home.

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