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Ireland sees PS3 price increase.

January 19, 2007

Ah Damn.


Team Ireland caught with cheaters

January 17, 2007

Wow. Thats sorry news for the Irish team. Team Ireland must be very ashamed today.    

James Galvin wrote 

The plot thickened and boiled and simmered as professional players were busted, and respected Clanbase admins ruined. But it didn’t interest me until I noticed that several members of team Ireland were caught with aimbots and wallhacks.

I have followed Ireland in the Enemy Territory nations cups a few times, and despite our small playerbase, Ireland has always had a very strong squad which was able to compete at the highest level. More recently, a new generation of players has risen to eradicate the respect that Irish national teams have accumulated over the years. If this had happened 5 years ago, there would be riots.