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September 28, 2006

I’ve made this mistake. ^-^

Sorry Michele.

Elly also wrote

However, I must admit to being a bit nervous – not sure what the people attending will be like, or if they’ll be interested in what I have to talk about… and to top it all off, the Hubbie has never heard me present/talk in front of a crowd!

Ha. Same thoughts. My own noteworthy persons best friend lives in cork so he will be meeting up with him. I don’t know if they will stay for any of the conference. They will probally head off shopping around the city.



September 28, 2006

Just noticed this on BarcampIreland blog

Looking through the list, some of the ones that jump out at me are:


I really hope now that people find it interesting. 

Just checked out barcampireland backnetwork

September 28, 2006

Wandered around the back network. Its quite cool. I’m not quite sure what to use it for but I liked looking at the profiles.

Thanks Conor O Neil for adding me as a contact.  

There seems to be a fair amount of blogging about the event. I was reading the post on presentations from the barcamp blog.

I dont have a laptop, so Ill be bring either slides on a floppy or a printout for a projector. Most likely printouts.

I kind of hoping there will be so many interesting other people I wont have to talk. I’m a bit nervous. But I plan to be well prepared with links and references in case anyone is actually interested. 

I’m going to bring a paper notebook to jot down interesting ideas and information I hear about a the conference. Non techie I know, but it works. Im quite looking forward to actually getting to listen to everything. This is going to be my first tech conference so Im hoping it will go well.

Ruby performance

September 27, 2006


Maybe for the best wordpress just deleted this entire post. The only noteworthy other comment, was I have used joels software time predicting articles to draw up a timetable and it worked fine.

first words in hiragana

September 26, 2006

かわいい – cute -ka wa i i

かっこいい – cool; handsome – ka tsu ko i i 

いい – good – i i

Hiragana are used for honorifics. 

さん -san    

And a link about the hiragana.

Im practising 10 kana now on my practice sheets.
あa いi うu えe おo
か ka き ki く ku け ke こ ko


September 22, 2006

TkWinfo.rgb returns the code for the colour word. 

require “tk”

#working example to show the use of TkWinfo.rgb

p1 = [ ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘]

p1[0,0] = TkWinfo.rgb(Tk.root ,”black”)
p1[0,1] = TkWinfo.rgb(Tk.root ,”white”)
p1[0,2] = TkWinfo.rgb(Tk.root ,”red”)
p1[1,0] = TkWinfo.rgb(Tk.root ,”green”)
p1[1,1] =TkWinfo.rgb(Tk.root ,”blue”)
p1[1,2] = TkWinfo.rgb(Tk.root ,”gray”)
#p1[2,0] = TkWinfo.rgb(Tk.root , “#0a0a0a”)

puts p1[0,0]
puts p1[0,1]
puts p1[0,2]
puts p1[1,0]
puts p1[1,1]
puts p1[1,2]

Ruby Code links

September 21, 2006

Links to sites that show ruby code.

Shows how to make pdf documents in ruby.


September 21, 2006

I practised あいう last night. One page per character. I think it worked because I can remember them very well now.

かしこい wise, こうto fall, あい each other.

Bloody rain

September 21, 2006

I got caught in the monsoon like sheets of rain on the dock road this morning. I got a lift the last bit of the way though and didn’t get splashed by a car. Condolences to those who did.

For those who havent had to travese the dock road, hail, rain or shine. Its is particularly bad in the rain, little rivers of water running through the gutter needing to be jumped over, little fountains of rain from waterpipes, and cars speeding though sheets of water. Not fun.

Travelling to Barcamp Ireland

September 20, 2006

The train looks good. I am never going to make the starting time anyway. We will be in cork at a quater to 10. Then just need to find the place. 

Limerick  Limerick Junction  08:05-08:34
Limerick Junction Cork 08:39 09:42