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Colour Blindness

February 26, 2007

How I (color blind person) see the world!

In this one you (as normal person) will see every number in a box of color which is different to the one next to it. I can’t see these boxes, I just see numbers from 0 to 5 as one block with gradient from lime green to yellow but no boxes! same happen from 10 to 15 just a gradient

This article explains colour blindness really well and uses pictures to do so. I try to test the colours schemes and images for colour blindness (there is a website that does this). If any have escaped and I don’t know about it. Let me know and I’ll fix it. ¬†


The dutch take on accessibility

February 19, 2007

456bereastreet loves the the dutch accessibility law. I tend to agree. That’s some lovely guidelines. I’d love to read the whole document translated. I try to use the w3c guidelines¬†personally which I think its pretty common practice by Irish web designers.

 Currently Irish law isnt all that clear,

There is currently no Irish law that specifically covers the accessibility of ICT-based products and services. The Equal Status Act and Employment Equality Act come closest, but both lack effective compulsion. The Disability Act appears to go further but is unclear in its meaning.

We can expect to see some laws being brought in for accessibility in Ireland at one point. Till then while its not being enforced a lot of people are still trying to make their sites as accessible as possible.