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Holiday reading – Comics

January 2, 2007

I got book one of Xin for xmas, which explains why I haven’t read the wikipedia entry I just linked too. I quite liked it. Fun retelling of Monkey.

The Authority on the other hand, which was the other comic I got for xmas, had an interesting story but was unnecessarily nasty. Cable of Cable and Deadpool is less nuts and that really says a lot.  For non readers the authority are a superheros groups who are planning on telling the worlds leaders what they cant do (genocide, etc). Cable is planning on building a better future by helping the now. He built a man-made island on the sea and takes in refugees.



November 23, 2006

I said already I’m travelling to france next month. This will be my very first trip by airplane and my first trip outside the country. I’m a bit nervous. I don’t know if I like flying. I never really saw planes very much till I came down to here. They were just long thin lines of cloud in the sky in mayo. T said I don’t really believe they exist. They do have a feeling of unreality to me, as Its one thing seeing something on tv. Its another thing seeing it in real life.

For the first time I’m going to get to travel in one. I remember my first trip by train to dublin. We were taking a trip with my mother, aunt and granny to go see the zoo. I think this trip will feel like that. Something completely new. We are travelling by ryanair, then a bus to paris, then the metro. My first underground train service! Sooo cool.

I hope my school french does me ok. To be honest I think I’m planned well enough, I shouldn’t need it much besides asking prices and ordering food.

I wonder how different it will be in a foreign country. The people all speaking french and dressing french. 

Parle vous francais?

November 15, 2006

Je visite la France le mois prochain.  Je voyage en France le 19 décembre. Formidable!

I am visiting France next month. I travel to france on the 19th december. Great!

Weird links for halloween

October 31, 2006

Fun and weird storys for halloween.

The little girl who wont grow up

Ghost picture

Mermaid picture

Duckula mp3 downloadDuckula video

Spider video

Oíche Samhain

October 31, 2006


Happy Halloween!

My japanese class is tonight, so I wont get to celebrate till after that. Enjoy the nuts, apples and the barn brac.