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April 5, 2007

New job is tiring. Very long hours, with not enough work being done to really make it worth it.

Then I go home and have my own pc housekeeping to do. 

Right now I’m removing the nortan trial (done), running a backup (doing) letting windows update do its thing (it failed once). Then I have to check is AVG and windows firewall are doing their security jobs.

Blah, later I get to try Wow again though.


Low risk or just interesting.

March 12, 2007

I went for a job interview in Shannon today. It went well just like the phone interview went well. I like the people I met, I think there is a good chance I will get the job. The work I would be doing would improve my tech support skills and make me more employable to small businesses.

However its also a safe choice. The job has steady pay and daytime work. I would not be earning a lot, just a bit more than my last job. I don’t have enough confirmed freelance contracts yet to be sure I can make my rent every month. I have had a lot of interest mind you. But interest and confirmed and signed contracts are different things. 

I don’t know really. This isn’t work with prospects, thats not to say I can’t take something out of it. I might be making mistakes at the moment with either contract discussions, what work I have done before ink happened or how much I have asked for.

I can see why not as many women try this as men. Its a hard thing to keep doing trying to be freelance when there is steady wages on offer elsewhere.

International’s womens day

March 8, 2007

This is a campaign in Iran for womans day. That’s taking action to try to make things better.

The european one should have been for equal pay for equal work. Until a guy can carry my child, I’m not really going to care about arguements that its ok to discrimate against people needing to take maternity leave.  When science fixs that, no problem. Even if you argue over this (which I’m sure many will) there is still the fact that in my lifetime I’m only likely to make 89% or so what a guy will.

Update: Apparently the news says its 85%, Damn.

First against the wall when the revolution comes…

February 26, 2007

Love this phrase. Thanks robert.

My uncle says ‘lets watch the news, otherwise how do we know if we have been invaded’ which leads to the joke ‘oh the isle of mann took us over by phone’. Missing home today. The downside of living in the foreign land of munster. My uncle doesnt have the internet or a computer, otherwise it would be hi paddy.

Regards top gear in Alabama

February 16, 2007

James has wrote about that alabama happening in the US special. I watched it on tv rather than the clips running around the web. Scary stuff. Doesn’t help America’s image abroad. That was all a bit too far really.

RTE FTA transmission

February 16, 2007

Brian Greene has setup an online petition with regards to the FTA transmissions of RTE.

50 unlovely things about Ireland

February 15, 2007

50 unlovely things about Ireland comes across ignorant, like usual really for the rough guide.

But I also notice an error

25 ..but I’m still waiting to meet Bunny Connellan.

Bunny Connellan was a bad translation from the irish by the english, the correct spelling is Bonniconlon.

I’m reminded of the yank I met looking for Baa-leen-a rather than
Ballina (prononced Bel n ah from Beal an atha).

Considering my bordom of any writer who hated entire countys, I’m glad my
neighbours at home dont need to put up with this idiot.

Going for what you want

February 12, 2007

Michael hyatt wrote

For example, at the beginning of 1997, I wrote down this goal: “Write a a New York Times bestselling book.” Now understand: at that time I had never written a book. I had a book idea, but that’s all I had. Though I had worked in the publishing industry my whole career, I was scared to death at the thought of actually trying to write an entire book. Nevertheless, I wrote it down and took a deep breath.

To my surprise, I signed a book contract in September and turned in my manuscript to the publisher by the end of the calendar year. No, I didn’t hit the New York Times list by the end of the year. But I did write a book that would hit the Times list the next year.

Soon Soon a new laptop.

January 29, 2007

I am going to have soon a lovely new IBM laptop. I am being very patient. It will be my first new computer of any kind.  Is it only geeks who feel a frission about these things?

Web design life will be so much easier. I will actually have a selection of browsers to test with. Rather than checking with old browsers. And I’ll be able to design from home easier. Yippee!

GTD for Geeks

January 18, 2007

How does a geek hack GTD? from 43 folders. The writer asks how you hack the GTD method.

I dont really use the GTD method, but sometimes I steal ideas from it.

I use a text file which I copy “todays date”, “today” and “todo” to make a new entry. I then add in items as I need them. I like the date/journal style as it means I can add daynotes and come back and check them later.  

“today” is tasks for the day. Which I mark “-todo”, “-doing” or “-done”. “todo” is things that carry on to the next day, or items to be done at some point.

Brief example.


Thur 18 Jan 07 


-run reports -check listing -errorcheck -backup -add updates


-run search