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Soon Soon a new laptop.

January 29, 2007

I am going to have soon a lovely new IBM laptop. I am being very patient. It will be my first new computer of any kind.  Is it only geeks who feel a frission about these things?

Web design life will be so much easier. I will actually have a selection of browsers to test with. Rather than checking with old browsers. And I’ll be able to design from home easier. Yippee!


Free online storage

January 29, 2007

Always handy.


January 25, 2007

osaki ni douzo.
Please go ahead of me.


January 23, 2007

tomodachi ni narimashou!
Let’s be friends!

Open source conference in Limerick

January 22, 2007

Laura is organising an open source conference in limerick on february 16th-19th in UL.

Excellent. Must try to make that.

Ireland sees PS3 price increase.

January 19, 2007

Ah Damn.

So do you want a website or a blog?

January 19, 2007

A lot of blogs are online diarys, some blogs are newsites. Blogs are used in different ways, so think about the whole process of setting up a site, by thinking, how often will you want to update?

A blog can be just a way of managing your information in an easy way.

If you haven’t made a blog post, its very easy, you type in your post in a little built in wordprocesser on a page of the blog only you, the owner of the blog, sees.

Then your words and pictures appear on the internet. If you want to be able to update your site easily yourself, a blog is a cheap way to go.

If you don’t want to pay hosting costs for your Club/Society or Community site, the blog is the best current option. Get your own design (a template) made for your site and then update yourself from then on.

If you just want a site and don’t really ever plan on updating it (lets say 1 update a year)  a website is a good choice. Plan what you want to say on your site, pass onto the developer what pictures you want to use and let the developer do the rest.

I would usually talk to a client about how the words will be changed to suit the internet and how pictures might be used, so you will have a good idea of whats happening.

However be warned, regular updates are needed for a site to appear on the first couple of pages you see in google (or other search engines).  

If you want a site for your business and plan on updating it regulary and have a bit of money to spend on setting it up, a website with a CMS is a good choice. A CMS or content management system will do a lot of the work of making pages for you. The developer will set it all up so when you want to make a page the software will do a lot of the work, which is the nice thing about CMS’s. 

I will also help you make your first page, in order for you to see how you do that. You could also ask for basic written instructions about how to post if you still find it tricky. 

The new adsense policy.

January 18, 2007

JenSence wrote these two articles on the policy. Also talking about the topic are Problogger, Marketingshift, Searchengineland, Admoolah and Digg.

In short the most important point of note is you can’t have on your site other ad’s that look like google ad’s, even if they are not contextually targeted.

Problogger says

I’ve already heard from a number of publishers that if given the choice between AdSense and YPN that they’ll jump to YPN because of the less stringent requirements – this change has put one too many hoops to jump through in front of some publishers.

AdMoolah makes the point

But what is considered the same color, if you have AdSense in dark green and Chitika ads in light green, is that different enough? If you always use leaderboards for AdSense and skyscrapers for Yahoo, is that different enough? Is adding a border enough?

There is going to be a lot of talk about this on the forums and in blogs. People are not going to like this.

Seven accessibility mistakes you don’t want to make

January 18, 2007

From 456 Berea Street is these two great articles on accessibility.

Seven accessibility mistakes part 1. …Mistake #1: Believing in products without putting them to the test

Seven accessibility mistakes part 2. …Mistake #6: Hiding or overriding accessibility/usability enhancements

GTD for Geeks

January 18, 2007

How does a geek hack GTD? from 43 folders. The writer asks how you hack the GTD method.

I dont really use the GTD method, but sometimes I steal ideas from it.

I use a text file which I copy “todays date”, “today” and “todo” to make a new entry. I then add in items as I need them. I like the date/journal style as it means I can add daynotes and come back and check them later.  

“today” is tasks for the day. Which I mark “-todo”, “-doing” or “-done”. “todo” is things that carry on to the next day, or items to be done at some point.

Brief example.


Thur 18 Jan 07 


-run reports -check listing -errorcheck -backup -add updates


-run search