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Japanese online manga

December 13, 2006

Online manga to help practice reading. Another student in my japanese class thought this might be a very good way of practicing so im going to try his advice.


Slime forest

December 13, 2006

This is an rpg which is designed to help you learn japanese. Very cool. It costs money though. Sigh thats me out.

Japanese class, week 10

December 13, 2006

きのう (yesterday) was the last japanese class till after the christmas break in に がつ (february). After the class every one went with yuki-さん to the christmas party for the language students. There was mulled wine and mince pies. Not great for the non drinkers and drivers, but a nice, if ill-thought out, gesture.

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December 12, 2006

I wish everything had this much considered design in its development. Check out wagashi

The character pronounced ‘wa’ denotes things Japanese, while the characters for ‘gashi’, an alliteration of kashi, have come to mean confections.

Then look at this bento boxes and this bread and these cakes.

Blue Slime

December 11, 2006

This Blue slime reminds me I need to go back to playing dragon quest.

SVN is writing about the difference between trying something and using something.

This weekend

December 11, 2006

Following on my series of weird things happening in limerick (which I didnt know I was doing), this weekend when T and I were wandering limerick we were approached by a foreigner asking for a donation for a book by these people. He gave us a book and asked (towards the end of the conversation) for a 10 euro donation.

I was curious and asked some questions as the krishna consiousness society was clicking some clogs related to the word ‘cult’. I asked if it was a hindu text, as krishna is a hindu deity. He said no, and didn’t really explain.

Anyway I said we were leaving him now, gave back his book and walked away. T and I were talking afterwards and I said it was strange to see india cults (as I thought at the time, there website suggests its worldwide) turning up in ireland. T’s theory is so many people are moving away from catholicism here that its a hot spot for religious converts at the moment.

All I could think *laughs* is maybe I’m in the wrong business. Anyway anyone else run into these people in ireland?

Soo tired and Japanese class today

December 5, 2006

Ah I feel so tired today. And I have japanese class this evening so can’t just go to bed after work. Today is week 9 of my class. Next week is the last one this term with a christmas party afterwards. Glad its not this week. Must not be this tired next week.

I’m still enjoying the class. Its a lot of fun so I feel a lot better about going to it. I think I need more practice pronouncing words properly. So I should start listening again to podcasts. Maybe download some to my psp.

Weird thing I wanted to mention. We got a fake dominos delivery guy sunday.

Knew the address but said there was no name on the box, and wasn’t wearing the t-shirt. Also he walked away really quickly from the door, once I said I’ll ‘check’ to see if anyone ordered from there in the house. Also refused to say what type of pizza it is when I said we might buy it. Wonder if it was just the box?

Also when we ordered from them later they didn’t know anything about it. We tryed to report it but they didn’t understand what we were saying. Ah point to mention, dominos wont take an order without a name, (unlike what the guy said) and if there is no name on the box you get the order free, so they are very strict about it.

If anyone else runs into anything like this. Let someone know.

Places to go in limerick: Jaffa’s

December 4, 2006

Despite the temptation to say ‘jaffa cree’ every time you go inside, this cafe is not geeky at all. Not the slightest. Its a modern little cafe with a pleasent owner near the Dunnes by the Shannon on Henry street.

You walk in, someone tells you what table to sit down at and there are menus already on the table. The tables are modern little things that are reasonable comfortable. Tables for more than four are hard to get and even tables of four are made by two tables pushed together. I like the art on the walls. Bright and bold. But it is a bit typical, and I’d like to see some by a local artist.

Prices are reasonable in general but the menu is very fixed. You can pick lots of set dishes but can’t really pick this + this. Which is ok if you just want a small lunch, but on the weekends lunch/dinner might be my first meal of the day, in which case you find yourself hungry very quickly afterwards.

The coffee is nice and they make a big effort with it. The prices are good there so I get what they are trying to do. My problem is the fact the coffee never turns up the same twice. Maybe they are improving their recipes but a mocha in a cappocino cup? Hmmm. They started putting cream on their mochas too, which to me seems too much like a hot chocolate.

The place also suffers the problem of most places to eat or shop in limerick. The staff are foreign and do not understand english. They also have changed every time we went in. I’m just tired of that.

I want to be able to make an order or make a complaint and believe the other person understands what I am saying. It’s not acceptable for them not too. This is the service industry. In the Burgerking I once worked you were not allowed to take orders till you had the required level of english. I don’t see why anyone else can’t do that. I won’t go back to a place that mixes up burger with sandwich.

Yesterday, we decided to find a new sunday place to meet. So you could say this is negative review.

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Transcribe your podcast/videocast

December 1, 2006

Due to being young and hungry with bills to pay, I offer to transcribe your podcasts/videocasts for 10 euro per hour of pod/video cast. Text to be returned in the format of your choice!

Text will be spellchecked and grammer checked, or not if you like. See how much care I’ll put into your words compared to mine 😉

Idea from Irisheyes.

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Places to go in Limerick- The George Hotel

December 1, 2006

The George Hotel opening invite evening was last night. As you would expect after a 3 years of alterations its a very different place.

For example the door into the hotel is now in the side street rather than on O Connell street, the doorway is between a electronics shop and a clothes shop so its not very noticeable, the conceriage and velvet ropes highlight the glass doors though.

Everyone was very warm and friendly and polite, a young foreign man took our coats and we were invited to use the elevator to the next floor. I think they might have wanted to highlight it, as its a glass elevator that has two doors. You walk in, hit the button and then walk out the other side of the elevator into the lobby. There is also nice wooden stairs if don’t want to wait.

The cafe/bar is beautiful. A lovely atmosphere , mood light and stylishly decorated (not to a 2006 style but more a very expensive 2002/3) you feel comfortable and have a selection of different areas to sit. Booths (closed and open) and tables are available.

They offered us a selection of drinks including wine and champaign. I don’t drink however, so that display is wasted on me. The hotel is wifi enabled and someone we know who works there said people are already coming in for lunch and working away on their laptops.

They offered later entrees and a sample of their main dishs. We took a peep at their menu prices, mid-range for limerick, very nice. The food was a very high quality for those prices, well cooked, good ingredients and tasty. If they keep those same standards after last night, it should be a very busy place.

They mentioned during the speechs that they were the only place in limerick that were allowed to sell starbucks coffee, plus it was rather hard for them to get that agreement from starbucks. You can tell by that they are aiming for american business travellors. Still it made me curious to try some sometime.

I recognised some of the people working there, so they have hired some talented people 😉 The speechs were very nice, they mentioned the research Lynch group hotels did while building the George and thanked the limerick business community for their input and support though the years.

We were shown the rooms before the speechs, not all of them but a cross section. Very highly finished rooms, of a high standard than most Irish hotels. Lots of little details. Each rooms has a screen with web connection and cable, I think. Tea/Coffee making facilities of course.

Some of the rooms have balconeys which give a great view of Limerick. Really really impressive.

T and me both commented on how you usually can tell what a place is like by its bathrooms, so we both went and checked them out. T said his was small and dark, but they had lots of little towel (cloth not paper) for drying your hands. The towels were in a box by the sink in the ladies as well, I didnt mind the size of the bathroom, I was bemused by the pictures on the wall near the mirror. Two pictures of hineys partly covered by a towel. Why? Are they tempory pictures? Reminding you of what this room is for? A health warning? Very strange, and apparently not in the mens.

Anyway all in all it was a wonderful experience, the speechs indicted the rooms would not be cheap, from the service and finish I would guess at least E150-300 a night. I really liked seeing what they did to the George. I think if Atp had an important supplier or buyer coming into the country this would be a hotel to impress them with. Especially the ones on the top floor (L7). I’m guessing the big companys based in limerick will give the George a lot of business.

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