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MoonCake season

September 2, 2014 were cool enough to give out some free memberships and one is mine.

The site has a lot of design information, which is a different focus to competitors like codecademy or kahnacadeny.

In the “Treehouse Reviews” section, they go through existing sites and offer suggestions and changes. It’s available in the Library in the Bonus content section and 6 Episodes available already.

Short term Goals:
– 12 weeks business course.
– Create a personal website.




September 1, 2014

Galway is a lovely city. If you go there and are geeky, check out “Dungeons and Donuts”. The owner is very friendly. We took the train very early in the morning and spent the day walking around the city. The signs as Gaeilge are a welcome sight.

So more limited study hours this past weekend. 5 clocked hours in all, including Friday night.

New interesting things
1. Filezilla help documentation . Its a pretty well made ftp client when for all the years of use I have had to check it once, and it has good documentation to match the good code.
2. Free content from university’s. There is way more stuff available than I can reasonably get through. I found a free book on embedded systems today.

Back to study. The more I get through the easier it gets.

Good Luck to everything one else practicing and studying programming. The art is so long and life is so short.