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Words from job hunting

October 18, 2007

ソフトウェア開発技術者 software development engineer
システムアナリスト systems analyst
基本情報技術者 basic IT person
情報処理技術者 data processing engineer
パスワード password (computer)


Jaxtr Test

March 28, 2007

Call merrua from your phone!

Try not to ring me till after 7 due to my new job. 🙂

Oh but you can leave a jaxtr voicemail and ill try to leave you one in return when I’m back on this pc.


March 26, 2007

I wish there wasn’t sound on the first page. I love the design.  But I currently have no reason to download. Not enough pictures. Maybe something for later.

I bought some Mochi yesterday. Tasty and I didn’t die from eating it. Lucky me.


March 24, 2007

Whats splashcast? Ah right another online tv type channel. I really only hear about these through techmeme.

I heard a lot more interesting technologies from the limerick open coffee meeting.

By the way zinadoo was the site that let me make a mobile website really really fast and easily.

Lost Postal orders

March 24, 2007

I sent off a postal order last month and it never reached where I sent it too. So I went in an tried to cancel it. An post sent me a letter this week saying it hadnt been cashed, and they can reimburse me in august if it hadnt been cashed.

Wow thats useful. Why cant they let me cancel it now so I could use the money to send it again? Blah. Working without a credit card is very ackward. 

Virtue Mart, joomla add on

March 23, 2007

Virtue Mart is a Joomla shopping cart extension. I’m getting a lot better with joomla software. So I’m going to try some of the adds ons. Joomla is a open source content management system.

Update: typo 🙂

Checking around the net.

March 22, 2007

twittervision. Pretty cool actually. Random thoughts from around the worlds.

Saw toms vista explorer crash. Ya, vista explorer does crash a lot, so does internet explorer 7 (on vista anyway). Its not bothering me all that much though.

Its all james fault

March 22, 2007

He got me interested.

Simple set up, but again that horrible invite friends screen (you know the one where it isnt clear you dont have too).

My poor spelling is going to be a problem though.

Google lobbyists

March 21, 2007

Google is seeking to hire a network of lobbyists in capitals across Europe as it tries to shape debate over pressing internet policy issues, from copyright to online privacy. Google this month advertised for recruits in at least 10 capitals with a passion for “the expansion of a free and open internet”. The network will work on issues such as “privacy, freedom of expression, copyrights, competition and security, regulation of online content, advertising and technology”.The recruitment drive was not in reaction to criticisms, but simply reflected Google’s rapid growth, said Rachel Whetstone, head of Google’s European communications.

Thats probally normal for a corperation but I still find it a bit weird.

Catherine Fake (flickr cofounder) on Brickhouse and Salim

March 16, 2007

Catherine Fake writes 

Also: “interim head” of Brickhouse? Geez, TechCrunch. Way to diminish me. I’ve been nurturing it for a year and a half. It’s my baby. We needed an operational lead. I will be concentrating on strategy. There is no “other role” I’m taking. There was no “interim”. I’m going to be doing the same thing I’ve always done since coming to Yahoo: new products, organizational innovation, process innovation, and in a more advisory capacity: community and social software, my longtime passions.

Bradley Horowitz of yahoo writes

That’s not how I’d put it. Caterina’s role in my group (and in Brickhouse in particular) is ongoing and formidable. She’s not only been the driving force behind making this happen, but also will remain the “north star” that ensures the program rocks. As you point out, Brickhouse itself is “yet-to-be-launched” so we’ll be saying a lot more about it and clarifying all this in the near future. But I couldn’t be happier or prouder to have both Salim and Caterina involved. Lucky us!