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J clarkson

January 3, 2007

I’m reading Clarkson on Cars. Very funny. Also because the columns are fairly short its easy to pick up and put down.

I see on wikipedia he has written quite a lot of books. So Im looking forward to reading more of them.

Once again O’Mahonys is taking all my money. 

So far the funnestest story is a drunken J. Clarkson on a bicycle, though a sober Clarkson on a motorbike is a close second.


Write a Novel in a Month, Month

October 16, 2006

Are you thinking about trying? Here is the NNWM website for more information.

I won’t be this year, with other responsibilities and trying to have basic conversational japanese in 20 weeks. Last week was greetings and the numbers 1-10. Tomorrow is my next class. Hope I’m pronoucing everything right.

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