I’m not in any way skilled yet in many arts. But this week has been good so far. The code kata’s feel like careful practice.

This week I’ve made a function to check if a number is a prime (division method), the Sieve of Eratosthenes, FizzBuzz and the Prime Factor kata. Maths Kata’s until Saturday.

I gave a technical talk and workshop for the rest of Support Engineering on Generic Services today, and that went well. I’m glad that’s over and I don’t need to think about the slides any more.

I keep thinking of extra stuff I need to get through so my to do list is getting longer. But I’ve got a list of exactly what I want to hit every day for the next couple of weeks so I’ll change it up after that if I need to.

Also I did some baking yesterday and they turned out pretty tasty.
So Lúnasa sona muid!


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