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Vista support training

April 11, 2007

We were trained in vista support today. I have home premium on my home machine so I’m already comforable with it. Still the structured course was good. I would have liked to have done more practical exercises thought.


Hp learning class

March 30, 2007

HP does free classes in a whole bunch of different subjects. Currently I’m going through the backup classes. I know a good bit about backing up but I want to flesh it out and get more comfortable with it. Usually I was carrying on someone elses backup policy. How do I pick a solution for a new business?

Finished lesson one, lesson two.

Update: Finished the other four lessons and got a certificate of hp for it. Interesting. I enjoyed reading around the topic too.


Dell is going to provide linux

March 29, 2007

The second largest computer maker in the world said it had chosen to offer Linux in response to customer demand.

Dell gives the go-ahead for Linux

Cool. It would have been nice to have a linux option.

Why did they stop doing that?

March 26, 2007

 one of the main points of trying to become a max-level Wizard on a MUD was to be allowed to create your own worlds and monsters. Talking to the game execs

Why cant you make monsters and areas any more? Wonder if they will start letting people do this on xbox live and sony home? That would be very cool.

Free stuff

March 5, 2007

Visual Studio 2005 Express Editions

I’m downloading visual web developer at the moment to check it out.


March 1, 2007

Just downloaded mediawiki, to play around with it. MediaWiki is the software wikipedia runs on.

Its part of my plan of learning new software and programming techniques.