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Weekly goal

May 20, 2014

I am going to post each week in order to improve my communication skills.

I was looking through anagram algorithms in Ruby today. Which lead me to reading about Knuths solution

‘Knuth: create a key for each word, where the key is that word’s
letters in sorted order. For example, the key for both \beast” and \abets” is \abest”. All words
that share the same key belong to the same anagram set.’

The book ‘Art of Computer Programming, Volume 4, Fascicle 4,The: Generating All Trees’, covers all kinds of interesting maths history.




Ruby Verses Python

February 27, 2007

If you look at Ruby and Python from an Java/C++/C# developers view, the differences are really not that significant at all. The advantages/disadvantages you find when using either of these languages will be more or less the same.

If you directly put Ruby and Python side by side, however, you will find some huge differences in the way their designers see OOP and programming in general.

Ruby Python compared

Ruby quiz

October 4, 2006

Ruby quiz

Ruby Quiz is a weekly programming challenge for Ruby programmers in the spirit of the Perl Quiz of the Week. A new Ruby Quiz is sent to the Ruby Talk mailing list each Friday.

Ruby performance and ruby-html

October 4, 2006

Two ruby articles.

Does Performance Matter? Yes (And No) Because everyone is talking about it.

Converting ruby code to html a nice explaination.

Ruby Links (and some tk ones)

October 2, 2006

Ruby-tk wiki in japanese

a QuickGuide To SQLite

Ruby slides

October 2, 2006

Trying to upload slides.


Reference: speakers and ppts from barcampireland

Later Reference: Presentations page now up


September 28, 2006

Just noticed this on BarcampIreland blog

Looking through the list, some of the ones that jump out at me are:


I really hope now that people find it interesting. 

Ruby performance

September 27, 2006


Maybe for the best wordpress just deleted this entire post. The only noteworthy other comment, was I have used joels software time predicting articles to draw up a timetable and it worked fine.


September 22, 2006

TkWinfo.rgb returns the code for the colour word. 

require “tk”

#working example to show the use of TkWinfo.rgb

p1 = [ ‘ ‘ , ‘ ‘]

p1[0,0] = TkWinfo.rgb(Tk.root ,”black”)
p1[0,1] = TkWinfo.rgb(Tk.root ,”white”)
p1[0,2] = TkWinfo.rgb(Tk.root ,”red”)
p1[1,0] = TkWinfo.rgb(Tk.root ,”green”)
p1[1,1] =TkWinfo.rgb(Tk.root ,”blue”)
p1[1,2] = TkWinfo.rgb(Tk.root ,”gray”)
#p1[2,0] = TkWinfo.rgb(Tk.root , “#0a0a0a”)

puts p1[0,0]
puts p1[0,1]
puts p1[0,2]
puts p1[1,0]
puts p1[1,1]
puts p1[1,2]

Ruby Code links

September 21, 2006

Links to sites that show ruby code.

Shows how to make pdf documents in ruby.