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March 31, 2007

Slowly translating webpages with lots of looking up

shougakusei – grad school student

ホームページ hoomupeeji
web site – homepage

興味 (きょうみ) kyoumi

interest (in something)


Hp learning class

March 30, 2007

HP does free classes in a whole bunch of different subjects. Currently I’m going through the backup classes. I know a good bit about backing up but I want to flesh it out and get more comfortable with it. Usually I was carrying on someone elses backup policy. How do I pick a solution for a new business?

Finished lesson one, lesson two.

Update: Finished the other four lessons and got a certificate of hp for it. Interesting. I enjoyed reading around the topic too.



March 29, 2007

1. The Internet – its like being at work – Three Mobile decides what sites you can and cannot use.

Three Mobile Ireland: If you move to Three what will you miss

Yuck. Really?


March 29, 2007

I love the idea behind deepfish. Zooming in and out when using the web on a mobile. Its from Microsoft Live Labs.

I dont think my mobile can run this, but for those who can, try this out.

Dell is going to provide linux

March 29, 2007

The second largest computer maker in the world said it had chosen to offer Linux in response to customer demand.

Dell gives the go-ahead for Linux

Cool. It would have been nice to have a linux option.

Wow microsoft memo story

March 28, 2007

Fasinating story. Read this and this. Then read the memo itself. I got to admit I have been sucked in a bit by the microsoft pr and I’m more interested in microsoft news than apple or google (though I’m also interested in yahoos products).

From a developers point of view they are all great to work for, but microsofts just more interesting. I admire googles search engine technology but beyond that I’m not very interested in their products. I use yahoos email and I like some of their own products. I don’t really like or use anything apple.

Jaxtr Test

March 28, 2007

Call merrua from your phone!

Try not to ring me till after 7 due to my new job. 🙂

Oh but you can leave a jaxtr voicemail and ill try to leave you one in return when I’m back on this pc.


March 26, 2007

I wish there wasn’t sound on the first page. I love the design.  But I currently have no reason to download. Not enough pictures. Maybe something for later.

I bought some Mochi yesterday. Tasty and I didn’t die from eating it. Lucky me.

Why did they stop doing that?

March 26, 2007

 one of the main points of trying to become a max-level Wizard on a MUD was to be allowed to create your own worlds and monsters. Talking to the game execs

Why cant you make monsters and areas any more? Wonder if they will start letting people do this on xbox live and sony home? That would be very cool.

Javascript library – Baseline.

March 26, 2007

Cool. Worth checking out.