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March 24, 2007

Whats splashcast? Ah right another online tv type channel. I really only hear about these through techmeme.

I heard a lot more interesting technologies from the limerick open coffee meeting.

By the way zinadoo was the site that let me make a mobile website really really fast and easily.


Open Coffeeclub

March 22, 2007

Talking about it, as well I’m probally the least busy person there 🙂 

James was there first and recognised me, which was a lifesaver as I didn’t recognise him. He found one person, and was recognised by everyone else. Everyone had plenty of interesting things to say and where very friendly.

No one from the universitys turned up which was a pity, from japanese class I had been hearing about some of the UL grad students research and its very interesting. So hopefully they will come along some other day and fill people in on their topics.

Got three business cards, I have to get a business card myself. They are so handy for remembering people and what they are interested in.

We talked about magnetic times, voice sage, open id, twitter (a lot), sei, edgecast and podcasting in ireland and probally some other things I’m forgetting.

I’m a bit sickened I’ll miss the next one, but I’m really glad I made this one.  

Tomorrow is limerick open coffee

March 21, 2007

Are you coming? What do you want to talk about?


March 16, 2007

I read on james blog this anecdote from Jan Blanchard of touristr. Neat. I’ve been hearing a little back from the people I was letting know. There is interest alright. Heres hoping everything at the next Open Coffee morning goes well. 

Limerick Open Coffeeclub

March 8, 2007

I dont know if it was supposed to be on today or not. But I’m going to head over to the clarion for 11-12 today. Drop up if you want. At the very least I’ll have some nice coffee. ^-^

Open CoffleClub

March 1, 2007

James cant make tomorrow. I’m tempted to head down anyway if everyone else is coming. Could do with the break. Anyone still going?

Time wise. What time are people thinking about 10? 11?

Update: Despite remembering the thing I only have on thurday evenings was on yesterday, it didnt click with me when I was writing this it was thursday. Bad me. I’ll try to make the next meeting. What time will this meeting usually be on at?

Limerick OpenCoffee Club

February 26, 2007

Go talk on james blog.

Limerick Geek Dinner 09 Feb 2007

February 1, 2007

Are you going?

If so let James know.

Open source conference in Limerick

January 22, 2007

Laura is organising an open source conference in limerick on february 16th-19th in UL.

Excellent. Must try to make that.