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Mysql modules not module

August 28, 2006

When I said sql module for ruby I should have said mysql modules for ruby.

Apparently there is two modules I need to install. Not one. I should have realised it. Good job I always check if the module I think I need is whats really needed. 

I dislike installing too many software programs in a day, I don’t feel its real work and I want to go back to programming but of course it has to be done. Its probally the first task I’d pawn off if I had the chance.

Update: Ah I think I just need to install one. These are just the two options. So which one is better?


5 reasons why to use bloglines if you update a blog

August 28, 2006

I started using bloglines for the blogs I read to generate material for ATP. It doesnt work for the sites I have to check but its still saving me about a half an hour a day.

These are the five reason I’m liking bloglines soo much. 

1. You can see when they have been updated.

2. You can look at them all faster.

3. You can put them into categories easier. So no need to go to the blog to check. Brillant. Saves me a lot of time.

4. You can skip some today and the ones you missed will be highlighted for the next day. Very handy for the days when you have a lot of material.

5. You can see if you read too many on a certain topic. Might only be useful for me, I try to juggle what material I put on atp. Doesn’t always work but I find it worth trying.

My problems with bloglines are

Its ackward to go back from the blog to the feed, the ones-you-havent-read feed is gone when you go back too. This breaks the “Don’t break the back button” design rule.

No tags. Bloglines doesnt make it easy to find more blogs on the same topic. I miss that.

Manage your programming project

August 28, 2006

I’m using a free basecamp account to manage my biggest project at the moment. I’m loving how easy it makes everything.

I finished the detailed timetable a few weeks ago and put the next few deadlines into basecamp. It makes it very easy to see how far along I am.

I’m tracking the subgoals with a todo list and striking them through when they are done. The finished lists you can look back at and you can edit goals to leave notes about errors.

I came across a hack on the forums that suggested making a ‘high priority’, ‘med priority’, ‘low priority’ and ‘nice to have’ todo line. That helped me a lot when I was making the timetable so I have keep them in a few other todo lists.

Got to say I’m very happy with basecamp.

Ruby and Mysql

August 28, 2006

To use ruby with mysql, you have to use the mysql module apparently.

So to make a simple graphical program that uses a database, you need ruby software, a book on ruby, mysql software, ruby mysql module, documents of the ruby mysql module, documents on ruby/tk.

Hmm. Thats a lot when you look at it really. It should go faster every time but theres a lot of work there for the first one. Not to mention that fact it wasnt clear straight off that a ruby book didnt cover ruby/tk or ruby mysql. 

Rise and fall of corba

August 11, 2006

Read the Rise and Fall of CORBA. I came across this today on Irish blogs.

I studied Corba in UL about three years ago. I didn’t find it that difficult, or at least no more difficult than anything else. I dont hear to much about it these days, but then again I dont go looking for news on it.

I was interested to note he is also reading programming ruby though. Another sign of the popularity of the language these days.

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Ruby Tutorial with lots of examples

August 11, 2006

I have been doing this long example filled ruby page in japanese with the help of babel fish.  

I’m finding it very good dispite the odd error where the example doesnt work as ruby has changed.

Its pretty hard to search for another example with the correct code.

For example this piece of code is supposed to react to a right click

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require “tk” {
  width 10
  height 2
  text “Hello!!”
  bind ‘Button-2’, proc { print “Click!\n” } 


I havent found another example that does yet. I will post here when I do.

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rk/tk tutorials

August 4, 2006

Tutorials to make learning this easier.

Ruby/Tk Tutorial. Very simple. Very small.

No results shown. I had to create a image to do an example. Code is talked through a bit, but underneath the entire code block. Examples arent always whole.

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Finding out you need another book

August 4, 2006

I have been reading PikeAxe or Programming Ruby ‘The Pragmatic Programmers’ Guide’. I was just jumping ahead to the widgets section to try to start on GUI programs when I came across this..

so you probally want to get a copy of Learning Perl/Tk [Wal99] or…

Ah.. I hate that. Why didn’t they say? Or did I miss a mention of it before. Now I need to go ask for another book. Or look through the source code.


August 4, 2006

My name is Mary Gilmartin. I work in Limerick, Ireland.

My current job title is Graphics/Web designer, but I also run a company blog for Advanced Technology Products. I maintain their website and do various programming projects for them. I find all their new blog/website material and update their documents.

I am planning to use this blog, for techi related materials. If you need to ask a tech/business question you can ask me here.

If you want to hire me, I am available here. Please contact me by phone or email and we can discuss any possible project. I usually have time for extra work besides my current job.

I will also probally talk about programming problems I run into. Thoughts on learning new software and languages and thoughts of day-to-day programming work (nothing however job related).

If you need to contact me, you can by email or phone.

Phone number: 086 1079371

Email address: merrua (at) yahoo (dot) co (dot) uk

Work email: mgilmartin (at) atp (dot) ie

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