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IE7 and developers

March 20, 2007

For the last couple of years, we developers have been struggling with IE incompatibilities while creating and testing our sites. Those include the non-native support for PNG transparencies, the box model bug, and many many more.

IE7, however, was supposed to solve all these bugs, and add those all missing features. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In this article I’ll highlight some of the new built-in annoyances.


Are our tools making us dumber

March 15, 2007

Are our tools making us dumber by katy sierra.

But should a web designer need to be an HTML coder? Or can he just use a WYSIWYG tool? The debates still rage in the web development world, although the issue should be resolved soon enough.

This is a question that comes up a lot for me. I have been asked a lot what tools I have worked with. Leaving me a bit confused as its not much work to do it yourself using notepad. Now since I havent seen anyone using a web editior with a content management system, it seems soon we will just be tweaking them.

10 High-Profit Redesign Priorities

March 13, 2007

Jakob Nielsen‘s has been writing about the what things you can do to make more money.

1. Email Newsletters, 2. Informative Product Pages, 3. High-Quality Photography, 4. Product Differentiation and Comparisons, 5. Support for Reordering, 6. Simplified Text, 7. Catering to Seniors, 8. Gift-Giving Support, 9. Search, 10. User Testing.

The high-ROI ideas I have highlighted here have one thing in common: they add value to your site by enhancing its value for customers. That is, they give users what they want and need.

Roundup for developers.

March 9, 2007

A roundup for developers developers developers

 wondered what kind of web-based tools other developers use. There are a couple that I use for planning, documentation, and testing, but it’s not often I hear of a developer using web-based products, aside from source code repositories. I’m talking actual products for project planning, system administration, usability testing, collaborative development, and web services. So, I decided to make a compilation of products that developers may find useful. There’s a little bit of everything in here – some are still in private beta, but still worth mentioning.

Most useful seems to be Firebug.

Expression Web

March 1, 2007

A review of Expression web.

I still like coding in a text editor like notepad2 better. But I have used a bunch of different html editors.

How freelancing is going.

February 6, 2007

This week is my first week freelancing. There seems to be a million things to do. I’m contacting one client on thursday. And preparing to talk to a maybe tomorrow. I’m midway on a small project for a client in mayo. 

I’m also preparing a professional freelancer website. So fingers crossed, everything seems to be going well.

So do you want a website or a blog?

January 19, 2007

A lot of blogs are online diarys, some blogs are newsites. Blogs are used in different ways, so think about the whole process of setting up a site, by thinking, how often will you want to update?

A blog can be just a way of managing your information in an easy way.

If you haven’t made a blog post, its very easy, you type in your post in a little built in wordprocesser on a page of the blog only you, the owner of the blog, sees.

Then your words and pictures appear on the internet. If you want to be able to update your site easily yourself, a blog is a cheap way to go.

If you don’t want to pay hosting costs for your Club/Society or Community site, the blog is the best current option. Get your own design (a template) made for your site and then update yourself from then on.

If you just want a site and don’t really ever plan on updating it (lets say 1 update a year)  a website is a good choice. Plan what you want to say on your site, pass onto the developer what pictures you want to use and let the developer do the rest.

I would usually talk to a client about how the words will be changed to suit the internet and how pictures might be used, so you will have a good idea of whats happening.

However be warned, regular updates are needed for a site to appear on the first couple of pages you see in google (or other search engines).  

If you want a site for your business and plan on updating it regulary and have a bit of money to spend on setting it up, a website with a CMS is a good choice. A CMS or content management system will do a lot of the work of making pages for you. The developer will set it all up so when you want to make a page the software will do a lot of the work, which is the nice thing about CMS’s. 

I will also help you make your first page, in order for you to see how you do that. You could also ask for basic written instructions about how to post if you still find it tricky. 

Seven accessibility mistakes you don’t want to make

January 18, 2007

From 456 Berea Street is these two great articles on accessibility.

Seven accessibility mistakes part 1. …Mistake #1: Believing in products without putting them to the test

Seven accessibility mistakes part 2. …Mistake #6: Hiding or overriding accessibility/usability enhancements

Eircom Webspace

January 17, 2007

A client who I just designed a website for, who had a low budget, had an option of having Eircom Webspace. So I contacted eircom on his behalf and started having him set up. Eircom email is his main email, so it would be convient for him to have his site hosted their too. However the process has failed as I can’t upload the webpages to his webspace.

I emailed Eircom on their general account, as they don’t answer this apparently common problem (from googling) on their help section of their website. I was told I’m going to have to ring a nonfree helpline to talk to their technical support. Lovely. Their service doesn’t work. I pay.

I am in the process of having Eircom set up our house with broadband, (they have already helped me set up a phoneline) and that line was free. Why isn’t this help line free too? Blah.  

Free website editing software

January 15, 2007

Came across these links. Got to check them out at some point. I mostly use notepad for making websites, but I’m thinking of trying to start using fancier software. These are all free and I think some are open source.