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Recent progress

June 15, 2014

I looked into “One month rails” and so far have decided not to try that. Like the chris pine book i’m probably passed most of what it can offer.

Instead I spent some time fixing my git ignore not to sent ssh files to github and fixing the connection to heroku for the new ssh keys. That’s all working correctly now. I’m going to finish the git immersion tutorial. I’ve been using it for a while using the github tutorial but I’m still not confident with it so maybe that will help. I’m not sure if it covers branching/removing files but that’s the bit I could do with more practice with.

I’ve started reading the beginning of Hartl’s tutorial. Hartl tutorial is for Rails 4. So I better finish my Rails 3 material first.




June 12, 2014

Finished Rails for Zombies. So starting back working on the Rails project this evening. 

Today I reached “Build Rock Paper scissors” in the Javascript codecademy course during lunchtime. I also went through some more google documentation and tried some basic graphs. its doable so i’ll have something there for the end of the month.  

Writing Rock Paper scissors in Javascript will be funny since I wrote that in ruby last month. 

This week

June 8, 2014

Didn’t get the time I would have liked this week for Ruby on Rails. I had a presentation to give on Agile, Scrum and Kanban. Last Technical presentation this quarter thankfully, as I still have another work project to complete in June.

The talk and workshop, went well and received favorable reviews. I spoke to everyone in the workshop and they were engaged and asked interesting questions. I’m liking Google Presentation, the more I work with it. It’s nice to skip that step of attaching the slides when emailing a group of people after the presentation.

For Ruby on Rails. I still intend to finish the codecademy track. I have to complete OOP1 and OOP2 and i’m done. Maybe I’ll get through it today?

Then Rails for Zombies part 3 onwards. Then back to the project in Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3 and finish that.

I am finding it more comfortable to use the ruby way after covering it in the tutorial. Rather than what I was doing previously which was more C# in ruby, or basically what Google told me was the ruby method for doing a particular thing.

For C#, I’ll need to finish the SpecFlow stuff but that’s going well. I’ve successful tests using Selenium Webdriver in SpecFlow running.

All and all with the work trip this week and visitors on Saturday, I was only programming for about 8 hours this week in the evenings. So a slow week.

Selenium Webdriver Test Suite

May 24, 2014

Last year I learned Selenium Webdriver to use with Visual Studio. I am now preparing to convert  a test suite I wrote into SpecFlow so have been spending a bit of time reading an thinking about that. I found that writing tests was the best way to learning how to avoid brittle tests and certain types of bugs (hardly unusual).

Specflow development is actually on hold as they write their commercial version.

‘ we were busy with creating the concept of SpecFlow+ (, that is on one hand a great set of extensions to SpecFlow, but on the other hand it is a way to ensure its further growth and sustainability. 
So we decided to hold back the changes on the core product and focus a bit on the other parts.-Gáspár Nagy ‘