June 12, 2014

Finished Rails for Zombies. So starting back working on the Rails project this evening. 

Today I reached “Build Rock Paper scissors” in the Javascript codecademy course during lunchtime. I also went through some more google documentation and tried some basic graphs. its doable so i’ll have something there for the end of the month.  

Writing Rock Paper scissors in Javascript will be funny since I wrote that in ruby last month. 


Ruby on Rails work

June 11, 2014

I’m not really that fond of code schools rails for zombies course. Its doesnt seem as good as the codecademy track. I prefer the material and exercises more tightly coupled. Rather than the lecture up front and the exercises after. I don’t really find the material is presented all that well either. I wouldnt want to have to rely on this for anything. 

But I have a bunch of material on rails to get through after this, and going through any material/exercises is better than nothing. So I might as well finish it up before moving on. Starting Level 5 this evening.  

I was reading through the information on the “Directive on Consumer Rights” coming into affect this week (13th June) and it hit me today and probably everyone who needs to know about this doesnt know about it. Its easy to forget when you are in the global eCommerce loop, how many people don’t have the benefit of hearing about these changes.




June 10, 2014

Adding refreshing JavaScript, this week to the priority list. I need to use it (through Apps script) for work. I read through some of the Google documentation and started the codecademy track during lunch today. I have an idea what will be needed and should be able to hack it up.  However the codecademy track was good for ruby, so it will help me feel comfortable with JavaScript. 

Chapter 6 of engineering software as a service has information on it too, so that might help. I’ll go through that this weekend. 

Tonight continuing on with the railsforzombie tutorial. Starting from level 3. I’m feeling more confident as a programmer. But it’s difficult though as impostor syndrome still hits pretty hard.  I’m just reminding myself I’m technical and programming is all about creating a lot of things in each language. Once you have done that your fine. 



June 9, 2014

I through Ruby OOP1 in the codecademy course, and onto OOP2.


OOP2 completed. Onto rails for zombies part 3.

This week

June 8, 2014

Didn’t get the time I would have liked this week for Ruby on Rails. I had a presentation to give on Agile, Scrum and Kanban. Last Technical presentation this quarter thankfully, as I still have another work project to complete in June.

The talk and workshop, went well and received favorable reviews. I spoke to everyone in the workshop and they were engaged and asked interesting questions. I’m liking Google Presentation, the more I work with it. It’s nice to skip that step of attaching the slides when emailing a group of people after the presentation.

For Ruby on Rails. I still intend to finish the codecademy track. I have to complete OOP1 and OOP2 and i’m done. Maybe I’ll get through it today?

Then Rails for Zombies part 3 onwards. Then back to the project in Ruby 1.9 and Rails 3 and finish that.

I am finding it more comfortable to use the ruby way after covering it in the tutorial. Rather than what I was doing previously which was more C# in ruby, or basically what Google told me was the ruby method for doing a particular thing.

For C#, I’ll need to finish the SpecFlow stuff but that’s going well. I’ve successful tests using Selenium Webdriver in SpecFlow running.

All and all with the work trip this week and visitors on Saturday, I was only programming for about 8 hours this week in the evenings. So a slow week.

Ruby on Rails

June 1, 2014

This week I worked through more of the codecademy ruby course and more of the railsforzombies course. I’m planning on finishing both of these this week (assuming I get the hours free).  

I tried online pair programming and found it really useful. I did not however, speak, we basically paired using I.M and shared textpad for code. So I am still concerned that there might be more problems when speaking. I know the Irish accent is difficult for people. 

I created views using Haml (not too bad). And I deployed an example to Heroku (not too bad, basically like sending code to git).  

A lot of things clicked this week. I just need to work out how to focus giving time to this with other projects using c#. I know they say 1 hour a week for new things. But I dont find that enough to really dig into something and take something useful from it.

Ruby Console

May 26, 2014

If you receive an error in the ruby console, you may find yourself unable to exit with Ctlr C

Control C usually returns you to the top level, but sometimes that will not work. For example

if its waiting on an “end” or a irb session to close and you are not aware of it. 

Instead you should be able to exit with control d (Linux) or control z (Windows)

(cltr d and ctlr c works for leaving irb)


Selenium Webdriver Test Suite

May 24, 2014

Last year I learned Selenium Webdriver to use with Visual Studio. I am now preparing to convert  a test suite I wrote into SpecFlow so have been spending a bit of time reading an thinking about that. I found that writing tests was the best way to learning how to avoid brittle tests and certain types of bugs (hardly unusual).

Specflow development is actually on hold as they write their commercial version.

‘ we were busy with creating the concept of SpecFlow+ (, that is on one hand a great set of extensions to SpecFlow, but on the other hand it is a way to ensure its further growth and sustainability. 
So we decided to hold back the changes on the core product and focus a bit on the other parts.-Gáspár Nagy ‘



Weekly goal

May 20, 2014

I am going to post each week in order to improve my communication skills.

I was looking through anagram algorithms in Ruby today. Which lead me to reading about Knuths solution

‘Knuth: create a key for each word, where the key is that word’s
letters in sorted order. For example, the key for both \beast” and \abets” is \abest”. All words
that share the same key belong to the same anagram set.’

The book ‘Art of Computer Programming, Volume 4, Fascicle 4,The: Generating All Trees’, covers all kinds of interesting maths history.




May 23, 2013

I have been thinking about this site, recently as a solution to a problem I had. I wanted somewhere to keep a track of interesting things I learned and information related to each topic. I was used a list to do that, however this might be a better way. Writing the post may fix the information in my mind more efficiently, than simply building a collecting of links/quotes in gmail folders. In summary, expect some updates.