Ruby on Rails work

I’m not really that fond of code schools rails for zombies course. Its doesnt seem as good as the codecademy track. I prefer the material and exercises more tightly coupled. Rather than the lecture up front and the exercises after. I don’t really find the material is presented all that well either. I wouldnt want to have to rely on this for anything. 

But I have a bunch of material on rails to get through after this, and going through any material/exercises is better than nothing. So I might as well finish it up before moving on. Starting Level 5 this evening.  

I was reading through the information on the “Directive on Consumer Rights” coming into affect this week (13th June) and it hit me today and probably everyone who needs to know about this doesnt know about it. Its easy to forget when you are in the global eCommerce loop, how many people don’t have the benefit of hearing about these changes.





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