Ruby on Rails

This week I worked through more of the codecademy ruby course and more of the railsforzombies course. I’m planning on finishing both of these this week (assuming I get the hours free).  

I tried online pair programming and found it really useful. I did not however, speak, we basically paired using I.M and shared textpad for code. So I am still concerned that there might be more problems when speaking. I know the Irish accent is difficult for people. 

I created views using Haml (not too bad). And I deployed an example to Heroku (not too bad, basically like sending code to git).  

A lot of things clicked this week. I just need to work out how to focus giving time to this with other projects using c#. I know they say 1 hour a week for new things. But I dont find that enough to really dig into something and take something useful from it.


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