Open Coffeeclub

Talking about it, as well I’m probally the least busy person there 🙂 

James was there first and recognised me, which was a lifesaver as I didn’t recognise him. He found one person, and was recognised by everyone else. Everyone had plenty of interesting things to say and where very friendly.

No one from the universitys turned up which was a pity, from japanese class I had been hearing about some of the UL grad students research and its very interesting. So hopefully they will come along some other day and fill people in on their topics.

Got three business cards, I have to get a business card myself. They are so handy for remembering people and what they are interested in.

We talked about magnetic times, voice sage, open id, twitter (a lot), sei, edgecast and podcasting in ireland and probally some other things I’m forgetting.

I’m a bit sickened I’ll miss the next one, but I’m really glad I made this one.  


3 Responses to “Open Coffeeclub”

  1. Conor O'Neill Says:

    There was a lot of Twitter talk in Cork too! We should get paid referrer fees 🙂

    I’ll make it up to one of the upcoming Limerick OpenCoffees.

  2. Conn Ó Muíneacháin Says:

    Great to meet you Mary!

  3. mary gilmartin Says:

    Cool Conor, would be cool to meet you.

    Hi Conn. Thanks for being so nice *wave*

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