Catherine Fake (flickr cofounder) on Brickhouse and Salim

Catherine Fake writes 

Also: “interim head” of Brickhouse? Geez, TechCrunch. Way to diminish me. I’ve been nurturing it for a year and a half. It’s my baby. We needed an operational lead. I will be concentrating on strategy. There is no “other role” I’m taking. There was no “interim”. I’m going to be doing the same thing I’ve always done since coming to Yahoo: new products, organizational innovation, process innovation, and in a more advisory capacity: community and social software, my longtime passions.

Bradley Horowitz of yahoo writes

That’s not how I’d put it. Caterina’s role in my group (and in Brickhouse in particular) is ongoing and formidable. She’s not only been the driving force behind making this happen, but also will remain the “north star” that ensures the program rocks. As you point out, Brickhouse itself is “yet-to-be-launched” so we’ll be saying a lot more about it and clarifying all this in the near future. But I couldn’t be happier or prouder to have both Salim and Caterina involved. Lucky us!


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