Low risk or just interesting.

I went for a job interview in Shannon today. It went well just like the phone interview went well. I like the people I met, I think there is a good chance I will get the job. The work I would be doing would improve my tech support skills and make me more employable to small businesses.

However its also a safe choice. The job has steady pay and daytime work. I would not be earning a lot, just a bit more than my last job. I don’t have enough confirmed freelance contracts yet to be sure I can make my rent every month. I have had a lot of interest mind you. But interest and confirmed and signed contracts are different things. 

I don’t know really. This isn’t work with prospects, thats not to say I can’t take something out of it. I might be making mistakes at the moment with either contract discussions, what work I have done before ink happened or how much I have asked for.

I can see why not as many women try this as men. Its a hard thing to keep doing trying to be freelance when there is steady wages on offer elsewhere.


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