Limerick Open Coffeeclub

I dont know if it was supposed to be on today or not. But I’m going to head over to the clarion for 11-12 today. Drop up if you want. At the very least I’ll have some nice coffee. ^-^


12 Responses to “Limerick Open Coffeeclub”

  1. James Corbett Says:

    Darn it! I just plain forgot about the idea of doing an OpenCoffee club this week Mary – sorry [it’s 10:07am now but I’d never make it to Limerick in time] 😦

    Please let us know how it went and let’s definitely schedule one for next week

  2. mary gilmartin Says:

    I dont know if anyone will show up. But a lot of these dont get off the ground without someone sitting there some days with no one showing up. Lets try to do this again next week.

  3. James Corbett Says:

    Absolutely Mary. That was exactly what we said when doing the original geek-meets this time last year. We were following Dave Winer’s advice about just blogging that you were going to be in location X at time and date Y and then blogging about it afterwards again saying who came and what we spoke about. He said you have to be prepared to do this repeatedly even if it’s just two of you and eventually others will get curious and come along.

    So, yes, let’s definitely do it again next week. Although, as I’ve said to Conor O’Neill, I think that we may settle on a forthnightly schedule after that if it suits people? Well, that’s just my opinion anyway but of course those nearer to the city may find it easier to go more often.

  4. mary gilmartin Says:

    sounds like a plan. Havent seen anyone down here. but I am getting a lot of work down. the clarion gives two hour hotspot passwords by the way.

  5. James Corbett Says:

    2 hours? Cool, sounds like a possible venue for coworking at that. Did you get any “is she ever going to move on” vibe from the staff? Not that I felt we did on previous occasions except maybe once, a small bit.

  6. mary gilmartin Says:

    No. Didnt feel that at all and I ended up staying from 11 to 1. They were lovely.

  7. James Corbett Says:

    Ok, sounds like the Clarion is the no.1 coworking/coffeclub venue in Limerick so at the moment.

  8. James Corbett Says:

    Mary, I noticed that Conor O’Neill of Argolon has announced the inaugural Cork OpenCoffee Club next Friday and proposes holding it once a fortnight. I wouldn’t mind going along to the Cork one every now and again and perhaps some of the Corkonians would come along to the Limerick one too,… so… how about we stagger with them by holding the Limerick meeting during their ‘off’ week? That would mean us getting this think off the ground proper next week. And perhaps we can do as Conor is doing by notifying people in EI, LIT, UL, LCEB and so on?

  9. mary gilmartin Says:

    Sounds like a good Idea. Ok, their is this week, ours should be happening next week, then in 3 weeks time.

    I can let one of my IT lectures from UL know about it. She can let the rest of the department know. I know one of the students in the LIT programming degree course and ill get him to pass it on to them. EI I dont know anyone, do you? Same with LCEB.

  10. James Corbett Says:

    Excellent, thanks Mary. I’m going to blog about it now so – let’s go with Thursday 22nd, 11am – 12am?

    I’ll also try contacting people at EI and LCEB.

  11. mary gilmartin Says:

    I let UL and Lit know about it yesterday. I left it at 11 to 1 however people can trail off as they need to go after the 12 mark.

  12. Joe’s Blog » Blog Archive » Stuff local to Limerick Says:

    […] Emmet Place in Cork City Centre. The Limerick one looks like it is being co-ordinated by James and Mary and they are aiming for the 22nd March from 11 to 12am and then hopefully every fortnight after […]

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