Set up to fail

At first the dev team laughs, praying it is a joke. Then you realize it isn’t a joke and the whole team starts talking amongst themselves about how this will never work. Finally someone gets the nerve to tell their manager that there is no way this can be done. At first the manager tries to encourage everyone, give a pep rally and buy everyone some cookies. After the first month, a couple more people come forward and say the same thing, but the manager won’t take it any higher, knowing that the business has already set the date, the CIO has promised and there is no way he is going to be a messenger of doom.

Everyone starts working way too much overtime and accomplishing far too little due to stress, fatigue and low morale. Month 3 comes along and naturally it isn’t ready. The business is pissed off, the CIO is furious, the lowly manager is wondering what went wrong. The dev team is ready to quit.

How often are you set up to fail. Most programmers will recognise this articles topic. If you don’t. Read this. It shows why you need to hire someone to check if the project is possible as well as what problems are likely to happen.


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