Back at japanese tonight (class 11) so won’t be making pancakes myself till tomorrow. Had some for lunch though. Didn’t really do enough study of the language even though I mean’t too, but flicking back though my notes I remember a good amount. I am looking forward to the class.

I have been playing the game Okami recently which uses about 20 kanji. I also have been reading the kanji a day newletter. Todays is 国.

Kuni: 国 Meanings: country, nation. On Readings: koku. Kun Readings: kuni. JLPT Level: 4. Grade: 2

Common jukugo
外国人 – gai koku jin – foreigner
国語 – koku go – national language (in Japan, Japanese)
天国 – ten goku – heaven, paradise
帰国 – ki koku – return to own’s own country
This is a combination of kuchi (口) [mouth] & tama (玉) [ball].


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