Hp Pavillion with Windows Vista

Yesterday evening I picked up a hp pavillion that runs windows vista. I wasn’t thinking of getting vista but in the end the machine I liked, came with it so *shrug* I decided to give it ago. 

I am impressed with the aero touches. Very very cool and beautiful. The see-through effects and light up buttons are very subtle and beautiful. For a techie I’m very impressible this way. I trained orginally in art, about half my life swung that way so I’m not a pure techie 😉

You now have gadgets on your screen. I got to say, I didnt really like them at first but by the end of the evening I really enjoyed being able to glance at the clock and see the time so easily.

I love the Photo Galley. I use a lot of art material in hobbies, so the ability to flick from picture to picture to picture is wonderful. Previously I used psp7 for this (the browse feature) but this is lovely. You can order the pictures in anyway, whether conceptially, by name or date. This is a great feature for me.

The only downside is that the Eircom broadband disk doesnt know vista. So it will be a bit longer before I have that set up. Oh well.

Update: Oh btw, the reason I didn’t get an IBM laptop like I planned, was they were sold out.


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