Eircom Not Vista Ready!

In case you hadn’t guessed already, Eircom is not Vista ready. I mentioned that my broadband disk I received in the post a couple of days ago didn’t recognise my brand new version of windows. It suggested a manual installation.

Foolishly, I wondered if I could avoid that by downloading an updated version of the broadband software from the Eircom support site.

Instead I found, no eircom link with suggestions how to install their broadband software with Vista. No newer version of their software. No mention of Vista beyond a new story saying Vista is about to be released.

Well. That’s just rubbish.

Oh and  http://home.eircom.net/ seems to be broken. The side bar goes off my screen. I’m viewing it on Internet explorer 6. Not exactly ancient. I can however see all the ads on the right hand side of the screen. Why exactly is eircom advertising tesco and insurance on their site anyway?

Blah. Maybe someone should tell Ray Darcy about this too.


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