GTD for Geeks

How does a geek hack GTD? from 43 folders. The writer asks how you hack the GTD method.

I dont really use the GTD method, but sometimes I steal ideas from it.

I use a text file which I copy “todays date”, “today” and “todo” to make a new entry. I then add in items as I need them. I like the date/journal style as it means I can add daynotes and come back and check them later.  

“today” is tasks for the day. Which I mark “-todo”, “-doing” or “-done”. “todo” is things that carry on to the next day, or items to be done at some point.

Brief example.


Thur 18 Jan 07 


-run reports -check listing -errorcheck -backup -add updates


-run search



2 Responses to “GTD for Geeks”

  1. Brett Says:


    Just stumbled upon this entry randomly – not sure how deep your geekiness runs, but there are a great many productivity tools that do what you mention here (most notably, If you’ve really got some chops, you can also implement most aspects of GTD under emacs using planner-mode.

    Anyway, looking at your lists, I see myself just a few short months ago 🙂 Then, I saw the light 😉


  2. mary gilmartin Says:

    Thanks! I think I have visited your blog before. Its cool. Thanks for dropping by.

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