Eircom Webspace

A client who I just designed a website for, who had a low budget, had an option of having Eircom Webspace. So I contacted eircom on his behalf and started having him set up. Eircom email is his main email, so it would be convient for him to have his site hosted their too. However the process has failed as I can’t upload the webpages to his webspace.

I emailed Eircom on their general account, as they don’t answer this apparently common problem (from googling) on their help section of their website. I was told I’m going to have to ring a nonfree helpline to talk to their technical support. Lovely. Their service doesn’t work. I pay.

I am in the process of having Eircom set up our house with broadband, (they have already helped me set up a phoneline) and that line was free. Why isn’t this help line free too? Blah.  


4 Responses to “Eircom Webspace”

  1. Barry O Halloran Says:

    Is http://support.eircom.net/nbkblink.asp?case=623 any help?

    At least the web space/email account itself is free.

  2. mary gilmartin Says:

    Tried there no good.
    Its not really that impressive that the webspace is free, lots of providers do the whole free webspace thing. And its probally included in the phone bills 🙂

  3. Barry O Halloran Says:

    Which method are you using, the Web Builder or the FTP client? Where does the problem arise?

  4. mary gilmartin Says:

    When I click on update your site, nothing happens. I get a error. However my client can go into that section, so I’m planning on talking him through uploading the files.

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