Getting Broadband installed in Limerick

Recently I have been trying to get broadband installed at home. I wanted to get a BT broadband package

we had no telephone in the house I rent at the time, but I was pretty sure there was a phone line already there, just unused. So I rang BT up and found out how long would it take for them to set it up. I was quoted 2 months. Eep? What?

I asked should I talk to eircom about getting the line set up. Their answer was probally. Well. My confidence is briming.

So off I go to the free (thankfully) eircom number. Its 1901 if you need it. Their phone system seems at first much better than BT’s. Much easier to use. We soon discovered a flaw though, you get dropped if you are left on hold too long. This problem added a lot more time to our ordering.

The time eircom quoted varied from 48 hours to 28 days to 4 weeks. Today we have been contacted asking us to check is our line working. So we are going to pick up a phone to test it.

We only ordered a line in from them. They couldn’t guaranty if we can get broadband, even after testing it from their office and the fact the house next door has it. 

So if the phone says the line is working, we move to step two. Ordering broadband. Its at the point now we will probably order from eircom for at least the beginning and then see what the service and speed is like.


5 Responses to “Getting Broadband installed in Limerick”

  1. Barry O Halloran Says:

    Ah! That’s crazy! Email me your phone no. when you get it and I’ll see what I can do from here.

  2. Mary Gilmartin Says:

    Thanks barry. Thats really nice of you.

    Its ok though (I think). We confirmed yesterday that our line is working (after eircom rang us asking us too) and we are just waiting on the paperwork to go through for us to get broadband.

    If we run into problems though, Ill impose on you. ^-^

  3. johnmryan Says:

    Can be hard, i was with a company called clearwire up here, terrible connection. Just move to Irish broadband and dispite the troubles i had getting the product from them it works a charm

  4. mary gilmartin Says:

    Thats cool it worked out for you. Clearwire broadband I wouldn’t touch with a pointy stick, I googled it for clearwire+sucks when I first started hearing the ad’s. Lots of complaints. Lots of american customers are pretty annoyed with the service they have received.
    I have heard from a good few happy Irish broadband customers.

  5. Con O'Callaghan Says:

    You can get excellent wireless broadband by contacting John Kennedy on 087 2962936. He was the only person that could get us broadband in Murroe.

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