Slime forest

This is an rpg which is designed to help you learn japanese. Very cool. It costs money though. Sigh thats me out.


4 Responses to “Slime forest”

  1. Chris Cogdon Says:

    There’s a free version that will teach you all the kana and a whole ton of kanji… essentially quick character recognition. That’s a whole bunch of useful in itself.

  2. mary gilmartin Says:

    Cool. I might download that then. Though UL gave us a disk with a software program to help with that too.

  3. Ryan Says:

    hey i have this game (free version) and i have a question…where the hell do u sell the freakin potatoes at the begining of the game and where do u buy wepons, and learn magic???

  4. tara Says:

    you get an axe from the king after you take the ring from the second level of the cave.

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