This weekend

Following on my series of weird things happening in limerick (which I didnt know I was doing), this weekend when T and I were wandering limerick we were approached by a foreigner asking for a donation for a book by these people. He gave us a book and asked (towards the end of the conversation) for a 10 euro donation.

I was curious and asked some questions as the krishna consiousness society was clicking some clogs related to the word ‘cult’. I asked if it was a hindu text, as krishna is a hindu deity. He said no, and didn’t really explain.

Anyway I said we were leaving him now, gave back his book and walked away. T and I were talking afterwards and I said it was strange to see india cults (as I thought at the time, there website suggests its worldwide) turning up in ireland. T’s theory is so many people are moving away from catholicism here that its a hot spot for religious converts at the moment.

All I could think *laughs* is maybe I’m in the wrong business. Anyway anyone else run into these people in ireland?


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