Soo tired and Japanese class today

Ah I feel so tired today. And I have japanese class this evening so can’t just go to bed after work. Today is week 9 of my class. Next week is the last one this term with a christmas party afterwards. Glad its not this week. Must not be this tired next week.

I’m still enjoying the class. Its a lot of fun so I feel a lot better about going to it. I think I need more practice pronouncing words properly. So I should start listening again to podcasts. Maybe download some to my psp.

Weird thing I wanted to mention. We got a fake dominos delivery guy sunday.

Knew the address but said there was no name on the box, and wasn’t wearing the t-shirt. Also he walked away really quickly from the door, once I said I’ll ‘check’ to see if anyone ordered from there in the house. Also refused to say what type of pizza it is when I said we might buy it. Wonder if it was just the box?

Also when we ordered from them later they didn’t know anything about it. We tryed to report it but they didn’t understand what we were saying. Ah point to mention, dominos wont take an order without a name, (unlike what the guy said) and if there is no name on the box you get the order free, so they are very strict about it.

If anyone else runs into anything like this. Let someone know.


2 Responses to “Soo tired and Japanese class today”

  1. James Corbett Says:

    Did you have a cameraphone on you Mary? I wonder what would have happened if you asked could you take a photo? On the other hand.. that might be a silly thing to do!

  2. Mary Gilmartin Says:

    I dont know. It might have caused trouble. It would be a good way of checking if they were up to something illegal.

    I dont have a camera phone though, but some of my friends in the house had.

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