Places to go in limerick: Jaffa’s

Despite the temptation to say ‘jaffa cree’ every time you go inside, this cafe is not geeky at all. Not the slightest. Its a modern little cafe with a pleasent owner near the Dunnes by the Shannon on Henry street.

You walk in, someone tells you what table to sit down at and there are menus already on the table. The tables are modern little things that are reasonable comfortable. Tables for more than four are hard to get and even tables of four are made by two tables pushed together. I like the art on the walls. Bright and bold. But it is a bit typical, and I’d like to see some by a local artist.

Prices are reasonable in general but the menu is very fixed. You can pick lots of set dishes but can’t really pick this + this. Which is ok if you just want a small lunch, but on the weekends lunch/dinner might be my first meal of the day, in which case you find yourself hungry very quickly afterwards.

The coffee is nice and they make a big effort with it. The prices are good there so I get what they are trying to do. My problem is the fact the coffee never turns up the same twice. Maybe they are improving their recipes but a mocha in a cappocino cup? Hmmm. They started putting cream on their mochas too, which to me seems too much like a hot chocolate.

The place also suffers the problem of most places to eat or shop in limerick. The staff are foreign and do not understand english. They also have changed every time we went in. I’m just tired of that.

I want to be able to make an order or make a complaint and believe the other person understands what I am saying. It’s not acceptable for them not too. This is the service industry. In the Burgerking I once worked you were not allowed to take orders till you had the required level of english. I don’t see why anyone else can’t do that. I won’t go back to a place that mixes up burger with sandwich.

Yesterday, we decided to find a new sunday place to meet. So you could say this is negative review.

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3 Responses to “Places to go in limerick: Jaffa’s”

  1. John M Ryan Says:

    I know what you mean, its nice to feel like your understood, I cant understand companies hiring people who cannot speak english, call centers do it a lot also.

  2. Mary Gilmartin Says:

    Its the service industry, being able to understand orders, complaints and complements should be a job requirement. The last day some friends were in their orders got messed up too. Oh well.

  3. a Says:

    The problem is that the owners do not want to employ Irish because it’s cheaper to employ Polish or Lithuanians. Thus, That is not the foreign people’s fault but the Irish owner’s greediness!

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