Places to go in Limerick- The George Hotel

The George Hotel opening invite evening was last night. As you would expect after a 3 years of alterations its a very different place.

For example the door into the hotel is now in the side street rather than on O Connell street, the doorway is between a electronics shop and a clothes shop so its not very noticeable, the conceriage and velvet ropes highlight the glass doors though.

Everyone was very warm and friendly and polite, a young foreign man took our coats and we were invited to use the elevator to the next floor. I think they might have wanted to highlight it, as its a glass elevator that has two doors. You walk in, hit the button and then walk out the other side of the elevator into the lobby. There is also nice wooden stairs if don’t want to wait.

The cafe/bar is beautiful. A lovely atmosphere , mood light and stylishly decorated (not to a 2006 style but more a very expensive 2002/3) you feel comfortable and have a selection of different areas to sit. Booths (closed and open) and tables are available.

They offered us a selection of drinks including wine and champaign. I don’t drink however, so that display is wasted on me. The hotel is wifi enabled and someone we know who works there said people are already coming in for lunch and working away on their laptops.

They offered later entrees and a sample of their main dishs. We took a peep at their menu prices, mid-range for limerick, very nice. The food was a very high quality for those prices, well cooked, good ingredients and tasty. If they keep those same standards after last night, it should be a very busy place.

They mentioned during the speechs that they were the only place in limerick that were allowed to sell starbucks coffee, plus it was rather hard for them to get that agreement from starbucks. You can tell by that they are aiming for american business travellors. Still it made me curious to try some sometime.

I recognised some of the people working there, so they have hired some talented people 😉 The speechs were very nice, they mentioned the research Lynch group hotels did while building the George and thanked the limerick business community for their input and support though the years.

We were shown the rooms before the speechs, not all of them but a cross section. Very highly finished rooms, of a high standard than most Irish hotels. Lots of little details. Each rooms has a screen with web connection and cable, I think. Tea/Coffee making facilities of course.

Some of the rooms have balconeys which give a great view of Limerick. Really really impressive.

T and me both commented on how you usually can tell what a place is like by its bathrooms, so we both went and checked them out. T said his was small and dark, but they had lots of little towel (cloth not paper) for drying your hands. The towels were in a box by the sink in the ladies as well, I didnt mind the size of the bathroom, I was bemused by the pictures on the wall near the mirror. Two pictures of hineys partly covered by a towel. Why? Are they tempory pictures? Reminding you of what this room is for? A health warning? Very strange, and apparently not in the mens.

Anyway all in all it was a wonderful experience, the speechs indicted the rooms would not be cheap, from the service and finish I would guess at least E150-300 a night. I really liked seeing what they did to the George. I think if Atp had an important supplier or buyer coming into the country this would be a hotel to impress them with. Especially the ones on the top floor (L7). I’m guessing the big companys based in limerick will give the George a lot of business.

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5 Responses to “Places to go in Limerick- The George Hotel”

  1. John M Ryan Says:

    Sounds like another nice boost to Limerick, there is so many good changes happening in Limerick right now.

    Fair play to those involved.

  2. James Corbett Says:

    Great report Mary, thanks. I’m certainly looking forward to trying it as an alternative to the Clarion and South Court for the next Limerick geek meetup (or MiniBar as we might now call it). You must come along to that!

  3. Mary Gilmartin Says:

    Love too. Just let me know when its on. Or where to find out when its on ^-^

  4. James Corbett Says:

    Will do. But remember, there is no ‘appointed’ organizer so anyone is free to propose a time and date 🙂

  5. Mary Gilmartin Says:

    Ah ok. Cool. Id suggest in january, as we will all be broke and bored in the new year.

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