Busy day

Tonight I’m going to the ‘The George’ Hotels opening in Limerick. Lots of business people will be there so I hoping I meet some interesting people who at some time will have intersting work for me.

It makes my day very busy though as I have something on afterwards and work before. I’ll have about half an hour to change when I get in the door and then I’m walking to the hotel with t, who’s my guest for the evening.

I hope it’s not very dressy as I have nothing really dressy. I dont read Get rich slowly for no reason. I’m hoping smart casual will do. At times like this though I really regreat never making getting business cards done a priority.

2 Responses to “Busy day”

  1. elly parker Says:

    Get Moo cards, they’re really easy to do up, a simple set with just a few pics will only take you 15mins…

  2. Mary Gilmartin Says:

    I like the look of them. They are a nice idea and yours were cool.
    Currently I cant buy anything online though, due to the lack of a credit card.

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