I said already I’m travelling to france next month. This will be my very first trip by airplane and my first trip outside the country. I’m a bit nervous. I don’t know if I like flying. I never really saw planes very much till I came down to here. They were just long thin lines of cloud in the sky in mayo. T said I don’t really believe they exist. They do have a feeling of unreality to me, as Its one thing seeing something on tv. Its another thing seeing it in real life.

For the first time I’m going to get to travel in one. I remember my first trip by train to dublin. We were taking a trip with my mother, aunt and granny to go see the zoo. I think this trip will feel like that. Something completely new. We are travelling by ryanair, then a bus to paris, then the metro. My first underground train service! Sooo cool.

I hope my school french does me ok. To be honest I think I’m planned well enough, I shouldn’t need it much besides asking prices and ordering food.

I wonder how different it will be in a foreign country. The people all speaking french and dressing french. 


5 Responses to “Travelling”

  1. John Says:

    Mer, there is nothing to fear at all! Enjoy the experience, I love to fly, once you do it once you will be fine, just take it easy, make sure to have some hard sweets with you, for when the plane is taking off, landing.

    Enjoy France, ye will have a lovely, time im sure!

    Make sure to take some photos, they make great blog entries!

  2. Mary Gilmartin Says:

    I never thought of ears popping. good point.

    I going to get a cheap digital camera for the trip. So ill do that then upload them all!

    Do you know you have to pay for one extra bag now?

  3. John Says:

    yes I know, and I think there is something about checking in your luggage before had or something, or telling the airline how many pieces you each have, which saves money… not 100% sure about that though.

  4. elly parker Says:

    If you think you’re going to be nervous, then pack a bottle of rescue remedy in your hand luggage.
    Bring along something to distract yourself, a book is a great idea as you can’t use electronics during take-off or landing, make sure that it’s an easy reading book, something that you can get lost in.
    Remember the new rules for liquids/pastes/gels/medications in hand luggage – nice visual guide here:
    (the type of ziploc bag that they talk about is the ‘small’ size in the packs from any supermarket).

  5. mary gilmartin Says:

    Ah ok. I have a shoulder bag that im thinking of using as a carry on.

    I dont think ill need to take much in the chem/liquid group.
    Ill just get stuff there. Pity i cant bring it back though. This must be really annoying for people who want to bring wine back with them.

    And an excuse to get a new book is always welcome ^-^

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