Socialist MEPS put pressure on europe to act

Europe seems to be saying its alright as long as men start taking paterity leave and governments start inforcing their right to have it. Yes lets do that, but lets also get rid of this law.

This is very very very wrong. You shouldn’t be penalised for these sort of times off work. You cant avoid these things. Especially if you are a women. So you shouldnt be punished financial for it.

All this ‘choosing’ to have children. Why do the european governments encourage children with laws giving bonuses for parents to have kids in one hand, and make this law on the other.

If this causes people not to have children, europe will have some very big problems down the road. Ask germany where falling birth rates are causing social and economic problems.

I know how businesses will take advantage of every sort of bad law and make vunerable people suffer for it. No. This is too far and this should be stopped.

Lets not have another ‘training period’* law! Let speak out against this now.

[A law in ireland which says you dont have to get minimum wage if you are being trained in. So every fast food chain has a 6 month offical training period. ] 

Socialist MEPs have called on EU social affairs commissioner Vladimir Spidla to examine EU equal pay rules in light of a controversial European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruling, but the commission is not keen to act for now.

In a letter seen by EUobserver, Hungarian and Danish socialist MEPs Zita Gurmai and Paul Nyrup Rasmussen “urge” social affairs commissioner Vladimir Spidla to take “immediate action to assess and remedy a potentially major problem” in Europe.

“We are alarmed that taking maternity leave may be a cause of unequal pay,” they add, after the EU’s top court last week stated that employers can pay women less than men because they take more maternity leave and have diminished ‘seniority.’

“It [the judgement] undermines important European policy objectives aimed at increasing Europe’s demographic challenges,” the MEPs’ letter says, pointing out that the ruling could also discourage men from taking paternity leave.

Euobserver article

Blogs talking about it: F word

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