Equal pay for women in europe

I wanted to talk about it as soon as I heard the news on the radio, but I was too busy that day and I haven’t been able to find anybody else talking about it.

But europe recently decided women dont really deserve the same money as men. Or that if you take time off work, work partime or need to take time out to look after a relative you dont need to be payed as much. Oh and a company doesnt need to explain why someone else doing the same job is getting paid more.

So how many women do you think will be effectied by that. I am so very very angry.

So everyone talk about this, contact your TDs and send them after europe. This is a wrong law we need to change as soon as possible.

Europe’s top court appeared to back this up when it ruled this week that companies could continue to pay workers higher wages in return for long service. The European Court of Justice, however, said employers might have to justify salary levels if employees could provide evidence that raised “serious doubts” about the pay rates.


How quickly do you think europe would act if i started paying men who worked for me less?

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