Talks at barcamp.

I went to the same first talk as elly. Everyone did. It was the only one on at that time. Dont blame anyone because going first is always very nerve wracking. Leave it to a lawyer to not be bothered about speaking in front of a crowd, ‘in my opinion’. Joke Joke.

barcampireland 1000am

Next I think I went to microformats. This was very interesting. I learned a lot. I think the microformat for events is something I need to learn and implement. 


I think the last talk I sat through was ellys talk. Hmm, No I sat in for a bit in some afterwards. I quite enjoyed it as we both work with a lot on non-techs, so I found it very relevent.

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barcampireland aftermath post


3 Responses to “Talks at barcamp.”

  1. elly parker Says:

    Hello again Mary, it was good to meet you at BarCamp this weekend. Glad to hear that my talk went down well, it’s good to see so many people reacting positively to the topic – and I think that it’s a big component of success that people make their products as easy to use as possible…

  2. mary gilmartin Says:

    I agree.

    Its a hard thing to do, and a very hard thing to do in such a way that allows the user to be able to have a loose way of doing things.

    But its a great sign for success when someone does.

  3. Gráinne O' Connell Says:

    Hi Mary,

    I was at BarCamp and was sitting next to you for Elly’s presentation. I was hoping you could advise/help me. I have a client in Dublin who needs a ruby developer for a few days to complete a project. I don’t really know anybody in this field but was hoping you might as I know ruby is your thing…know its a strange request given it’s only for a few days but thought it was worth asking…

    Kind regards,


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