Just checked out barcampireland backnetwork

Wandered around the back network. Its quite cool. I’m not quite sure what to use it for but I liked looking at the profiles.

Thanks Conor O Neil for adding me as a contact.  

There seems to be a fair amount of blogging about the event. I was reading the post on presentations from the barcamp blog.

I dont have a laptop, so Ill be bring either slides on a floppy or a printout for a projector. Most likely printouts.

I kind of hoping there will be so many interesting other people I wont have to talk. I’m a bit nervous. But I plan to be well prepared with links and references in case anyone is actually interested. 

I’m going to bring a paper notebook to jot down interesting ideas and information I hear about a the conference. Non techie I know, but it works. Im quite looking forward to actually getting to listen to everything. This is going to be my first tech conference so Im hoping it will go well.


2 Responses to “Just checked out barcampireland backnetwork”

  1. Conor O'Neill Says:

    Glad you are going to speak! I don’t think we have any sort of OHP for traditional projection but if you can bring the presentation on thumbdrive or floppy then we’ll hook you up.
    See you Saturday.

  2. mary gilmartin Says:

    Ok. Ill do that then. Thanks 🙂

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