I picked this up the new magazine gloss this weekend. It wasnt bad, but Id argue a bit over the time it takes to read. Its a pretty quick read even with the bad layout (not enought white space around the paragraphs).

I missed there being a technology section, but the articles were pretty interesting. I wouldnt be much interested in the social section, that style guide mentioned missing, thats a lot more like newspaper content in my eyes.

I would have like a current affairs or political commentry page as well but I know thats not considered a suitable topic for a womans magazine. So no information on legal or political topics that effect women. No business advice section either, that must be left for the women in business magazine. Oh well.

It might end up being fairly good, so far it seems like some of the irish arts magizines mixed with vogue. I like the irishness, the word ‘fecklessness’ in the libra section had me laughing. Still I want to see what they end up doing with it, and they should get their website working.


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