I am slowly learning japanese. I have a book, a tape and am reading the net. This site has some lovely testing flash programs and some information.

Was practising my hiragana last night. Its quite tricky to keeping getting them look correct. But like programming languages the more you use them the better you get.



3 Responses to “Hiragana”

  1. mary gilmartin Says:


    shows the pronouncation too. you can also listen to files if you have sound on your pc.

  2. James Corbett Says:

    Mary, I studied Japanese in university (Limerick) and found it much more interesting, and in many ways easier, than other European languages. What I really like was the relative consistency of the language.

    I bought the Linguaphone course at the time and can highly recommend it. I’ve since bought the Spanish linguaphone course so I clearly believe in the quality of their courseware. I must take a look in the attic to see if I can find my old Japanese course so you can have it if you like?

  3. mary gilmartin Says:

    That would be brillant. I just signed up for the university of limerick evening course in japanese. Im starting next tuesday all going well. I also studied computer systems in UL a few years ago.

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