5 reasons why to use bloglines if you update a blog

I started using bloglines for the blogs I read to generate material for ATP. It doesnt work for the sites I have to check but its still saving me about a half an hour a day.

These are the five reason I’m liking bloglines soo much. 

1. You can see when they have been updated.

2. You can look at them all faster.

3. You can put them into categories easier. So no need to go to the blog to check. Brillant. Saves me a lot of time.

4. You can skip some today and the ones you missed will be highlighted for the next day. Very handy for the days when you have a lot of material.

5. You can see if you read too many on a certain topic. Might only be useful for me, I try to juggle what material I put on atp. Doesn’t always work but I find it worth trying.

My problems with bloglines are

Its ackward to go back from the blog to the feed, the ones-you-havent-read feed is gone when you go back too. This breaks the “Don’t break the back button” design rule.

No tags. Bloglines doesnt make it easy to find more blogs on the same topic. I miss that.


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