July 28, 2014

Since the last update I’ve studied in my free time:

Maths (graph theory, probability, primes)
Cryptography (xor and more xor)
Algorithms and Data Structures
Code Kata’s.

I’m also making a bit more of an effort to push code to GitHub, even rubbish code.
I’ve code still on the laptop and windows desktop I haven’t pushed but I’ll do that before the weekend, so i can get to a point where I’ll be able to pull code samples to any machine.

It feels like progress and learning. My maths is rustier than I would have thought but its stretching now and improving.


July 7, 2014

Handed in due work. I’m a bit burned out from crunch time. On holiday this week so mostly catching up on reading.

Since last time, I’ve done a bit more JavaScript (JavaScript the good parts) and algorithm practice in c#. Found an Oauth library I want to get used to. But just really downloaded it and glanced over it.

Also read/watched more on cryptography from the interesting coursera course. I was on the heartbleed email list at work, and read around about SSL at that time, so I’ve been meaning to deepen my knowledge.

Ah so much to learn, and not enough time.


June 27, 2014

Since the last update I did more of the Javascript course. I did some algorithm practice.  I watched a video on “testing on the toilet” at Google while I was ill (which made me laugh). I learned a bit more about security practices (including exactly why you use the standard protocols) 

I’m not feeling that confident with the work i’ve done in the last two weeks since work has been busy and i’ve been sick. However I have actually still coded a lost and studied a lot. So confidence! and progress!

Yay go coding! 

I am really looking forward to the next quarter. And I must book some holidays and chill for a bit. 



June 17, 2014

I’m still going through stuff about the EU Directive on Consumer Rights.

I received an invite to Quibb. Its an interesting work based social network. Or more correctly there are some cool people in the network. I don’t see a lot of discussion, it seems to be more link sharing but I like it. 

No ruby today. Just and c#. I want to rebuild some of this with ruby on rails when I’m more comfortable with it. I have a feeling it will be a lot faster. 

I’m sure there was something else I did today that involved something new that I wanted to mention but with the heat, and lack of sleep I’m forgetting it. 

This weather

June 16, 2014

Its very hot, this weather. The git tutorial is nicely filling in some gaps. I’m up to lab 16. 

I don’t feel like doing more ruby today. I’m sleepy and too warm.

So I think I’ll mess around with c# today. 

Recent progress

June 15, 2014

I looked into “One month rails” and so far have decided not to try that. Like the chris pine book i’m probably passed most of what it can offer.

Instead I spent some time fixing my git ignore not to sent ssh files to github and fixing the connection to heroku for the new ssh keys. That’s all working correctly now. I’m going to finish the git immersion tutorial. I’ve been using it for a while using the github tutorial but I’m still not confident with it so maybe that will help. I’m not sure if it covers branching/removing files but that’s the bit I could do with more practice with.

I’ve started reading the beginning of Hartl’s tutorial. Hartl tutorial is for Rails 4. So I better finish my Rails 3 material first.



June 12, 2014

Finished Rails for Zombies. So starting back working on the Rails project this evening. 

Today I reached “Build Rock Paper scissors” in the Javascript codecademy course during lunchtime. I also went through some more google documentation and tried some basic graphs. its doable so i’ll have something there for the end of the month.  

Writing Rock Paper scissors in Javascript will be funny since I wrote that in ruby last month. 

Ruby on Rails work

June 11, 2014

I’m not really that fond of code schools rails for zombies course. Its doesnt seem as good as the codecademy track. I prefer the material and exercises more tightly coupled. Rather than the lecture up front and the exercises after. I don’t really find the material is presented all that well either. I wouldnt want to have to rely on this for anything. 

But I have a bunch of material on rails to get through after this, and going through any material/exercises is better than nothing. So I might as well finish it up before moving on. Starting Level 5 this evening.  

I was reading through the information on the “Directive on Consumer Rights” coming into affect this week (13th June) and it hit me today and probably everyone who needs to know about this doesnt know about it. Its easy to forget when you are in the global eCommerce loop, how many people don’t have the benefit of hearing about these changes.




June 10, 2014

Adding refreshing JavaScript, this week to the priority list. I need to use it (through Apps script) for work. I read through some of the Google documentation and started the codecademy track during lunch today. I have an idea what will be needed and should be able to hack it up.  However the codecademy track was good for ruby, so it will help me feel comfortable with JavaScript. 

Chapter 6 of engineering software as a service has information on it too, so that might help. I’ll go through that this weekend. 

Tonight continuing on with the railsforzombie tutorial. Starting from level 3. I’m feeling more confident as a programmer. But it’s difficult though as impostor syndrome still hits pretty hard.  I’m just reminding myself I’m technical and programming is all about creating a lot of things in each language. Once you have done that your fine. 



June 9, 2014

I through Ruby OOP1 in the codecademy course, and onto OOP2.


OOP2 completed. Onto rails for zombies part 3.


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